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Actors of Color Who Played or Voiced Catwoman Before Zoe Kravitz



Zoe Kravitz is the latest actor to take on the role of Catwoman, joining the list of other iconic stars who portrayed the character at some point in their career. She is starring opposite Robert Pattinson, who plays Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. The film is set to premiere this Friday.

In the upcoming DC’sThe Batman, a homicidal sociopath leaves a trail of secret codes, which forces Batman to venture into Gotham City’s criminal underground. As signs point closer to home and the extent of the suspect’s intentions become clear, the winged vigilante must forge social bonds to uncover the underlying cause, and deliver justice to the city’s long-standing history of abuse, power, and corruption.


The Batman marks Kravitz’s official entry into the ranks of actresses of color, who showcased their flexibility, talent, and feminine power in this role. Here are the other women of color who also played or voiced Catwoman.

Eartha Kitt (1967-1968)


Eartha Kitt was the first Black woman to play Selina Kyle. Once Julia Newmar left Batman after two seasons, Kitt took over as Catwoman and played her from 1967 to 1968. 

Kitt  made her television debut in the episode Catwoman’s Dressed To Kill on December 14, 1967, breaking a racial barrier in a role that lasted over 50 years. 

Halle Berry (2004)

Daddystroke — Freedom is power. To live a life untamed and...

Iconic actress Halle Berry brought in a new rendition of Catwoman in 2004. Her version has a different narrative than the traditional Selina Kyle story. 

Catwoman recounts the life of Patience Phillips (played by Berry), an introverted, graphic designer who won’t stop apologizing for her own presence. Phillips worked for Hedare Beauty, a high end cosmetic brand that was about to release a “groundbreaking” anti-aging product until she uncovers a dark secret about her employer that changes the course of her life forever.

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera Voices Catwoman in Last Role for 'Batman: The Long Halloween'  Trailer |

The late actress Naya Rivera lent her voice to the character as her final acting role. In the Batman: The Long Halloween,  Rivera appears  in part one as the iconic Selina Kyle opposite Smallville’s Jensen Ackles as Bruce Wayne.

Before her tragic passing, Rivera shared she was honored to play Catwoman, during her interview with Entertainment Tonight. She said, “Every actress I’ve ever loved has played Catwoman in some shape or form.” 

Cree Summer 

Actresses Who Have Played Catwoman in Movies, TV, and Video Games

Cree Summer is leading the next generation of superhero fans, as she plays Catwoman in DC Super Hero Girls.

Summer is a singer and actress,  best known for playing as Winifred “Freddie” Brooks on the NBC series A Different World. She has also voiced a number of animated characters, such as Penny in the 1983 movie Inspector Gadget.

written by Betti Halsell, Hollywood Melanin staff writer

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‘A Snowy Day in Oakland:’ Nicole Ari Parker Stars in New Dramedy From ‘Sister, Sister’ Creator Kim Bass



A Snowy Day in Oakland

A Snowy Day in Oakland is heading into theaters this week. The magical-realism comedy starring Nicole Ari Parker is gearing up to be introduced to the world on Friday, March 17. Hollywood Melanin sat down with the leading star to explore some of the critical issues addressed in the film.

At the center of the story is LaTrice (Parker), the successful psychologist from San Francisco who longs for a more purposeful life. Leaving her unfaithful, high-profile psychiatrist boyfriend and business partner behind, she establishes her practice in a vacant office space on a small commercial block across the bay in Oakland. Surrounded by minority-owned businesses, LaTrice is determined to provide support and gently guide the residents of this predominantly Black neighborhood to embrace the importance of communicating one’s feelings through therapy.

Nicole Ari Parker as LaTrice/ ‘A Snowy Day In Oakland’

“I think there is an issue of trust in the Black community where we just keep our problems close to our chest,” Parker expressed while discussing mental healthcare in minority groups. “It’s also an expense. It’s an investment. So, when you are trying to make ends meet and prioritize your income, it feels like a luxury. But I think that that’s an expense worth taking.”

Helmed by Sister, Sister creator Kim Bass, the film was initially shot six years ago. Parker says she attributes her involvement in this project not just to the powerful and relevant script but also to “Kim’s vision, his magical realism, his playing with time, and his saturation of color,” she added, “We don’t really get to have that kind of whimsy in most independent Black films.”

'A Snowy Day in Oakland' cast
‘A Snowy Day in Oakland’ cast

Produced by Planet 9 Productions and distributed by People of Culture Studios, this dramatic comedy also explores other meaningful themes like navigating complex relationships and struggles of entrepreneurship. Those conversations are explored through the town’s biggest personalities, Davis (Deon Cole), Jeanette (Loretta Devine), Theona (Kimberly Elise), and Rodney (Evan Ross). The star-studded cast also includes Keith David, Marla Gibbs, Michael Jai White, Tony Plana, Arden Myrin, and others.

A Snowy Day In Oakland
Kimberly Elise as Theona, Deon Cole as Davis, Loretta Devine as Jeanette / ‘A Snowy Day In Oakland’

Watch A Snowy Day in Oakland in selected theaters on Friday, March 17. Watch the trailer below.

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“It’s Official!” Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Confirm ‘Bad Boys 4’



The Bad Boys are back like they never left! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence took it to Instagram earlier today to share – there will indeed be a fourth film.

“It’s official, y’all!” The longtime friends announced,  “It’s about that time! [….] This is Bad Boys 4. It’s official!”

The franchise kicked off in 1995 with the original Bad Boys movie and has released two sequels since then – Bad Boys II (2003) and Bad Boys For Life (2020).

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New Music Alert: Sholuv Presents ‘Zero’ – a Prelude to New Understanding

by Betti Halsell, senior staff writer



Multidimensional artist Adeshola Adeoye, better known as Sholuv, increased the decibels of hope in his latest project, “Zero,” produced through OPXS BOIS, the three-track album was released on Tuesday, Dec.20.  As a compound expression of art through various mediums, Sholuv revealed the golden thread holding the body of work together and musically elevates one’s mind.

“It’s a prelude project, and preludes start at zero,” Sholuv declared as he signed part of his Gi, the top half of a karate uniform. The notable artist reflected on the night as his exclusive showing of the album came to a close.

Sholuv expanded his thoughts by referencing the process of creating anime, the complexities of building a world out of the realm of imagination, and then releasing it. Sholuv described this album as a lore or a collection of nuances that are significant to understand the rest of the collection of art.

Sholuv shared three songs and one bonus track with invite-only attendees. The vibrations of each track felt like they traveled around the world. The transformative lyrics and storytelling were vivid; it’s a new level of painting a mental picture without a brush. Sholuv has expanded his art across his fashion with his lifestyle brand, Optimixts, and continues to grow as a producer and videographer.

Songs like “25,” interlock cinematic touches on the beat with raw power in the verses. While introducing the track, Sholuv stated, “This was me, describing myself as a 25-year-old and who I am as a man, and really looking optimistic—when it comes to everything I’m involved with.”

Sholuv has five previous projects that include “For Tha Honey’s,” “Sounds from Tha Den,” and “.”

OPXS BOIS’ artist manager, Scoop, considered the growth he witnessed from Sholuv; he reflected on the composition of the newly released project and stated, “This project for Sholuv is a real testimony to the growth of his production style and rhyme scheme,” he continued, “his subject matter has always been there, but this project is eye-opening to his style of verbiage.”

“Zero” is out now on all major platforms. Follow Sholuv on Instagram and turn up the volume of hope through his aromatic sounds.

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